Traditional Japanese mask, Daikokuten, The Seven Deities of Happiness - SHICHI FUKUJIN

Width 20 cm
Compositions plastic
Product origin made in Japan
Colour brown
Height 22,5 cm

Traditional Japanese mask, Benzaiten, The Seven Deities of Happiness - SHICHI FUKUJIN

Made in japan

The Seven Deities of Happiness (七 福神, Shichi Fukujin) in Japan refer to the seven deities of good fortune in Japanese mythology:

Ebisu, divinity of fishermen, merchants and prosperity, often represented carrying a cod or a bass;

Daikokuten or Daikoku, divinity of wealth, commerce and trade. Ebisu and Daikoku are often paired and represented in the form of masks or sculptures on the walls of small stalls;
Bishamonten, deity of warriors and protective god of Buddhist law and prosperity;
Benzaiten or Benten, deity of knowledge, art and beauty, eloquence, music, literature, arts and sciences, virtue and wisdom, prosperity and longevity;
Fukurokuju, divinity of happiness, wealth and longevity, virility and wisdom;
Hotei, deity of abundance and good health, contentment and commerce;
Jurōjin, deity of longevity and prosperity.