The art of the table in Japan

Setting a table in Japan is quite an art! A wide range of tableware to allow you to create your ideal table.


  • The knives of Japan

    Find our selection of Japanese knives to finely cut all your food.

  • Japanese teacups

    Find our selection of traditional Japanese cups to taste all your teas.

  • Trays and coasters

    Find all our trays to transport your dishes and our Japanese coasters to protect your surfaces.

  • Plates of Japan

    Discover our selection of Japanese plates individually or as a set: round, square, sushi plates ...

  • Pairs of chopsticks...

    Our collection of pairs of chopsticks and chopsticks holders to decorate your tables and enjoy your Japanese dishes.

  • The japanese rice and...

    Discover our selection of Japanese soup or rice bowls in ceramic arita imari raku

  • The Japanese teapots

    Come and discover our range of ceramic or clay cast iron teapots. For tea tasting, these authentic and quality teapots will take you to Japan.

  • Japanese Sake set

    The sake service usually comes in the form of a decanter accompanied by two small ceramic glasses.

  • Glasses from Japan

    Discover our Japanese glasses in multiple colors, multiple designs, of various and varied shapes.

  • Japanese kitchen utensils

    Discover the traditional utensils of Japanese cuisine; donabe, tray, spoons, hida konro, etc.

  • The japanese teaboxes

    Discover our best tea boxes covered with washi paper in different colors and patterns made in Japan. Keep your tea conserve preciously and with originality.

  • Japanese lunch boxes -...

    Come and discover our selection of Japanese bentô meal boxes made in Japan. Practical and useful to carry your dishes wherever you want.

  • Japanese spoons

    Find here a selection of Japanese-inspired ceramic or wooden spoons.

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