• japanese curtains

    Japanese curtains

    Our selection of Noren curtains in linen

    available now

  • Japonese kokeshi dolls

    Kokeshi dolls

    Our selection of wooden Kokeshi dolls

    available now

  • japanese cast iron teapots

    Ceramic and Cast Iron Teapots

    Our selection of teapots made in Japan

    available now

  • japanese lamps

    Japanese lamps

    Our selection of japanese-inspired lamps

    available now

  • Japanese teaboxes

    Japanese teaboxes

    Our selection of Japanese teaboxes in washi paper

    available now

  • japanese chopsticks and chopstick holders

    Japanese chopsticks and chopsticks rests

    Our selection of chopsticks made in Japan

    available now

  • japanese plates

    Japanese plates and dishes

    Our selection of plates made in Japan

    available now

  • japanese wooden bowl

    Japanese wooden bowls

    Our selection of wooden bowls made in Japan

    available now

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    Minimum Order 300 HT, payment by advance