Japan design:
supplier of Japanese articles

Quality products, selected by us

Since 2006, Japandesign has been a supplier for many resellers and professionals, such as restaurants, specialty stores or even tea houses. Throughout the year, we work to offer you quality products, imported directly from Japan.

Japandesign breaks down into three main themes: clothing, tableware and decoration.

You will be able to find many kimonos and yukatas for men and women, as well as a wide selection of accessories such as tabi socks, traditional sandals, but also beauty accessories to adorn outfits.

In the tableware theme, you can discover ceramic tableware: plates, bowls and cups. Of course, we have many chopsticks and chopsticks rests, as well as other accessories to set up a Japanese table. A range of typical Japanese kitchen utensils and knives are also available. Finally, for tea professionals, you will find everything you need for traditional tasting, such as ceramic, terracotta or cast iron teapots, to match or mismatch with cups and pretty colored tea boxes and dressed in paper. washi.

Finally, you will find a collection of decoration, on many themes for very different atmospheres. From colorful to traditional, these ornaments bear witness to the richness of Japanese culture.

Our experience at the service of professionals

Japandesign, attaches some importance to the quality of the items offered for sale, but also to the conditioning and packaging of your items. Almost 30,000 packages have already left our premises for the whole world. Our priority is to ensure good reception of the items chosen by you and your satisfaction.

For any questions or requests related to our articles, please do not hesitate to contact us!