Paulownia wooden box 60 sticks, OEDO KOH WATER DROP, Water drops

Product origin made in Japan

Paulownia wooden box 60 sticks, OEDO KOH WATER DROP, Water drops, made in Japan

This fragrance, Yuya no-shizuku, adds a warm glow when you get out of the bath.

In the Edo period, from the 17th to the 19th century, people did not have baths at home. Also public baths were built to meet the needs. There were about six hundred in Edo. Originally, these were steam baths, and later large communal baths. As all bathers were naked and mixed regardless of age, gender or rank, the bathhouse was an egalitarian place. Apparently, another popular element shared was a scented lotion made with floral essences distilled in a ranbiki (Japanese still).

The flirtatious and relaxed culture of Edo (name of old Tokyo) was born from the mixture of elegance and refinement with a coarser popular dimension. This incense collection was created by the master craftsmen in order to reproduce the very particular atmosphere of the old Edo through different perfumes as well as a very careful presentation.

Kodo is the Japanese art of appreciating perfumes. It is one of the three traditional arts with the tea ceremony and ikebana. During a kodo ceremony, the participants "listen" to the fragrances exhaled by scented woods burned according to rules codified at the end of the 14th century.