Cotton towel, TENUGUI, Hakata no Wasshin

Width 34 cm
Length 90 cm
Compositions Cotton
Product origin made in Japan
Colour blue pink red white
Gender unisex

The Tenugui, a textile treasure from Japan, is much more than a mere piece of fabric. Discover the versatility and elegance of this traditional accessory, a true emblem of Japanese culture.

Unique Feature: Unsewn Edges for Optimal Drainage: Traditionally, the edges of the Tenugui are left unsewn, allowing efficient water drainage and rapid evaporation. This unique feature has been designed to keep the hand towel clean and dry, adding a practical dimension to its artistic elegance.

Clean Design and Artistic Patterns: The Tenugui captivates with its clean design and artistic patterns rich in symbolism. Traditionally rectangular, it showcases varied prints, ranging from delicate floral motifs to scenes of nature or stylized calligraphy. Each Tenugui tells a story, capturing the subtle aesthetics and artistic finesse of Japanese culture.

Versatility of Use: Much more than just a piece of fabric, the Tenugui is incredibly versatile. It can be used as a towel, headband, tablecloth, wall decoration, or even as creative gift wrapping. Its lightweight nature and easy maintenance make it a practical companion in daily life, adding a touch of authenticity and sophistication.

Quality Materials and Traditional Manufacturing: Traditionally crafted from cotton, the Tenugui stands out for the quality of its materials and the care taken in its production. Japanese artisans employ centuries-old dyeing techniques, ensuring vibrant and durable colors. Its soft and absorbent texture makes it an ideal choice for various applications.

Chic Fashion Accessory: The Tenugui transcends the boundaries of traditional use to become a trendy fashion accessory. Wrapped around the neck, worn as a headband, or integrated into a hairstyle, the Tenugui adds a unique touch to your style, blending authenticity with modernity.

Cultural Gift Idea: Gifting a Tenugui means offering a piece of rich Japanese culture. Whether for an art enthusiast, a lover of Asian culture, or simply someone who appreciates originality, the Tenugui is an elegant and meaningful gift.

The Tenugui, much more than a simple accessory, is a functional work of art, a link between tradition and modernity, offering a unique sensory and visual experience. Add a touch of Japanese elegance to your everyday life with the Tenugui, a timeless symbol of sophistication.