Decoration made in Japan

Decoration made in Japan There are no products in this category.

A large choice in Japanese decoration for all styles and tastes, from modern to traditional.


  • Japanese ballpoint pens

    Find here a selection of pens with traditional symbols and made in Japan.

  • Japanese meditation and incense

    In this category, zen articles suitable for meditation: stick incense, rice straw cushions, Tibetan bowls...

  • Wall decorations

    Japanese prints, kakemonos and illustrations are perfect for decorating your interior in Japanese style.

  • Japanese Hakone marquetry - YOSEGI

    Discover our marquetry pieces from the Hakone region in Japan, unique handcrafted objects.

  • Japanese household linen

    A wide choice of furoshiki, bath towels, and Japanese tenugui.

  • Japanese statuettes
    Find here our range of statuettes made in Japan.
  • Japanese stationery
    Find here our selection of stationery such as pens, origami paper, erasers and other Japanese office supplies.
  • Daruma dolls

    Find here our range of daruma dolls, a strong symbol of Japan.

  • Japanese lamps

    A selection of Japanese paper and wood lamps, for a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

  • Cushions and makuras
    Many professionals show the importance of having a good cushion. The traditional Japanese cushions, called makura, are made of buckwheat pods, they allow a good position of the neck with the right density.
  • Bells and chimes

    Find a selection of glass or cast iron bells and japanese chimes.

  • Maneki neko cats

    An important symbol in Japan, the traditional manekineko cat is considered a lucky charm.

  • Ikebana flower spikes

    Find here a selection of kenzan or flower spikes, the main element in the creation of Japanese floral art called Ikebana.

  • Screens
    Find here our range of screens for a total Japanese atmosphere.
  • Umbrellas

    Find here our range of parasols for a total Japanese atmosphere.

  • Carpets and tatami mats

    Find here our range of Japanese rugs and tatami in rice straw.

  • Koinobori
    Find here our range of koinobori for an exterior or interior decoration in a child's room for example.
  • Owls

    Find here our range of owls and ceramic owls statuettes made in Japan.

  • Japanese rabbits

    Find here our range of Japanese ceramic ornaments with the effigy of rabbits.

  • Ikebana, vases and soliflores
    Find here a set of vases and soliflores for the realization of Japanese floral art also called ikebana. Various shapes and materials to please the greatest number.
  • Masks from Japan

    Find here our selection of masks with the image of strong Japanese symbols.

  • Noren curtains

    Find our range of noren, curtains traditionally placed in store doors, made in Japan.

  • Japanese dolls
    Find a multitude of modern or vintage kokeshi dolls and small okiagari made of papier mache and crepe paper, all made in Japan.
  • Paper models

    Bring Nagoya Castle, Inari Shrine, Mount Fuji, and more to life with our selection of cardboard models.