Japanese cuisine

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Setting a table in Japan is quite an art! A wide range of tableware to allow you to create your ideal table. Find glasses, plates, traditional knives, not to mention chopsticks, bento boxes and many kitchen utensils.


  • Japanese cups

    Find here a selection of ceramic tea cups and bowls, with or without lid, with or without handle, all made directly in Japan.

  • Japanese plates

    Find our wide range of plates made in Japan.

  • Chopsticks and chopsticks rests

    Find here a selection of pairs of chopsticks and chopstick rests made in Japan.

  • Japanese bowls

    Find here our range of Japanese, soup, rice and ramen bowls made directly in Japan.

  • Teapots
    Find here a wide choice of tokoname clay, ceramic or cast iron teapots made in Japan.
  • Sake services

    Find here a selection of sake sets made in Japan.

  • Japanese glasses

    Find here a selection of glasses made in Japan.

  • Cooking tools

    Find a set of kitchen utensils made in Japan for professionals and restaurants.

  • Japanese knives

    Find here a selection of traditional kitchen knives made in Japan.

  • Teaboxes

    Find here a selection of Japanese metal tea tins, sometimes covered with traditional washi paper.

  • Lunch boxes - bento

    Find here a selection of bento lunch boxes made in Japan.